Week 4 (Sep 12, 14, 16):

Monday: Writing Workshop: How to Revise an Essay (Continued)

  • Everyone: Start revising your essay. Finish revising your opening and concluding paragraphs before class. Bring your revisions to class. You will be paired up for peer review: each person in the pair will read the other’s original essay and the revised opening and concluding paragraphs.

Wednesday: Network Approach to Literature: Character Networks

Study Guide:

  • How does network visualization inform Moretti’s study of literature? What conclusions has he drawn?
  • What are the limits of the network approach in literary analysis?

Alex, Matt, Nozomi, and Olivia Loome: Please prepare to present on the website assigned last Friday.

Friday: Peer Review Workshop

Writing Assignment 1: Second draft due before class. Bring a hard copy to class for peer review.