Week 11 (Oct 31, Nov 2, 4):

Monday: “Deep” Graphs

Study Guide:

  • Everyone should explore the above exhibits and Neatline Exhibits for an overview of how digital tools are employed to provide a multimedia interpretation of images and maps.
  • CJ, Charlotte, Irene, Matt, and Nozomi: Focus, especially, on the websites assigned to you. Be prepared to give a short presentation in class.
  • The rest of the class: Focus especially on Neatline, which we will practice this week. Explore the various projects in the Neatline exhibits. Consider what story the exhibit tells and how it tells. As a platform of image analysis, how is Neatline different from ImageJ?

Wednesday: Neatline: Lab and Practice

Friday: Neatline Project (Module Project 4) Planning

Today you will start working on your module project 4, with Diane and me on site to help you with your work. You will have this Friday and next Monday to work on your projects. Presentations start next Wednesday and continue on next Friday, but all projects are due before next Wednesday’s class. Before today’s class, you must decide on two things:

  1. Which option would you like to take for the project?
  2. Which image would you like to annotate, if you choose option 2? Which collections of images would you like to explore, if you choose option 1?

If you plan to use image(s) other than those provided on Netspace, please bring your image(s) to class. To access Netspace, follow the instructions on the Module Project 4 assignment sheet.