Week 9 (Oct 17, 19, 21):

Monday: GIS Project Development

  • Writing Assignment 2: Final draft due before class. Submit your final draft and the final version of your project graphs/slides and datasheet, if you have made any update, to the appropriate online drop box by 11 a.m.
  • Submit a copy of your Storymap Planning Worksheet to the online drop box. You should finish, at the minimum, the “Raw Materials” sheet. The worksheet will not be graded, but having a worksheet allows you to receive feedback from me and our classmates before you work out the slides for presentation. We will discuss in class how to organize your raw materials into a structured argument. By the end of class today, you should organize your materials neatly into the “Slide Worksheet” tab.

Wednesday: GIS Project Presentations 1

  • Those who are ready may give your presentation today. Each presentation will be about 5 minutes long. Presentations continue on Friday.

Friday: GIS Project Presentations 2

  • Presentations continue.