Week 7 (Oct 3, 5, 7):

Monday: In Class Essay Development


Wednesday: Lying with Maps

Study Guide:

Drawing on David Staley, Theibault makes a distinction between two different uses of visualizations: as a means of quickly identifying patterns and as a way to make an argument or craft a narrative. As of now, we have focused largely visualizations used in the first sense. This week we will reflect critically on using visualizations to construct multimodal arguments and narratives.

  • Read Theibault’s “Visualizations and Historical Arguments” and consider: What qualities should a visualization have to make effective arguments?
  • Theibault speaks of the issue of “rhetorical honesty.” Read Monmonier’s “Lying with Maps” and explore the assigned websites. Explain what “rhetorical honesty” means in mapping. Reflect on how we should use visualizations in constructing an argument.


Friday: ArcGIS Online: Lab and Practice