Text Analysis: Voyant Tools


ArcGIS Basics:

ArcGIS Map Journal:

Quantitative Methods for Visual Analysis: ImageJ

  • Overview of ImageJ and exemplary projects
  • Official documentation for ImagePlot 
    • The following sections are most relevant for our course:
      • Exploring Sample Image Set with ImagePlot
      • The Sample Image Set Files
      • Visualize Data as Points
      • Visualize Images
      • Measure Visual Properties of Images
    • Note that there is an error in the above documentation:
      • On page 10, it tells you to “Select ‘Open…’ from the Data drop down menu” and “Select ‘None’ from the Images drop-down menu”. This is correct. But it fails to remind you that you must uncheck the box next to “Polar”. Sometimes at least, “Polar” is checked by default.
  • Running ImageJ/ImagePlot on Mac machines:
    • After you download it, unzip the folder to your computer. Double click ImageJ.exe (if you use a PC machine) or ImageJ64.app (if you use a Mac machine) to run. The program may ask you to download and install Java SDK 6, and you must allow it.
    • Change your security settings (if you use a Mac machine): If you use a Mac machine, your computer may tell you that “ImageJ can’t be opened because it was not downloaded from the Mac App Store.” If this happens to you, you should go to Apple menu > System Preferences… > Security & Privacy > General tab and check “Allow applications downloaded from:” anywhere.
  • Troubleshooting for ImageJ/ImagePlot
  • How to Open a .CSV File and Insert a Scatter Chart in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

Annotating an Image with Neatline