Week 8 (Oct 10, 12, 14):

Monday: Fall Recess — No Class


Wednesday: Humanists’ Critiques of GIS

Study Guide:

  • Bodenhamer has expressed some concerns over the use of digital technologies in the humanities. What are his concerns? According to him, how should humanists address these concerns?
  • Explore the assigned websites. In what ways have these sites succeeded, or failed, in addressing the concerns raised by Bodenhamer?
  • Quinn, Raid, Taymond, Tim, and Alex: Choose one of your favorite map project from the website assigned to you and introduce it with a 3- to 5-minute short presentation to class.


Friday: Story Map Journal Planning

  • What argument would you like in your GIS project (Module Project 3)?

Writing Assignment 2: Second draft due before class.

Please bring a copy of your draft to class for peer review (no need to submit it). Complete a draft self-assessment and submit it to the drop box before class.