Week 6 (Sep 26, 28, 30):

Monday: Career Development Workshop

Writing Assignment 2: First draft due before class.


Wednesday: Finding Patterns in Space

  • Read:
    • Edward L. Ayers, “Mapping Time,” GeoHumanities, pp.215-25.
  • Recommended:
    • Franco Moretti, “Maps,” in Graphs, Maps, Trees, pp.35-66.

Study Guide:

  • What are Ayers’s discoveries in “Mapping Time”? How does spatial visualization contribute to these discoveries?
  • Choose one of the assigned websites to focus on, and explore it by turning on and off the layers. Make at least two observations about spatial patterns and spatial relationships. What patterns can we see? How would you account for these patterns? (Were churches often built in the vicinity of major markets? Did the transport routes or economic centers of an earlier period overlap with those of a later period?) Write them down (one or two sentences for each observation) and bring your notes to class. All of you will be asked to share your findings in class.
  • Relate the readings to your own experience and reflect also on more the general questions below: What is “space”? How is it different from “place” and “location”?
  • You may have discovered, for example, that some tools highlight some kinds of information but make it possible to ignore other kinds of information. Thus, visualizing data using different tools might produce very different emotional impacts, value judgments, and/or intellectual interpretations. How does the map and the network graph each shape our understanding of a topic respectively?


Friday: Create a Map in ArcGIS Online: Lab and Practice

Reading Assignment: