Week 5 (Sep 19, 21, 23):

Monday: Network Visualization Project Development

Study Guide:

We will spend class time developing ideas for your Module Project 2 (Network Visualization Project) together. Please check out the Assignments and Evaluation section on the website for details on Module Project 2 and Writing Assignment 2.

As you must have learned from your experience with word clouds, a good research design — asking a good question and finding the right data for answering it — is critical for developing a successful module project and writing a thoughtful essay. To best prepare for our meeting on Monday, decide on one or two candidate topics that interest all of you before class. Use emails or the Module Project 2 Teamwork Sheet to sign up for topics and, if necessary, reach out to your classmates for possibilities of collaboration. If you plan to create network visualizations on a topic other than a movie or literary text, you are encouraged to check out Visual Complexity , a website which showcases network visualizations on a wide range of subjects. Filter by SUBJECT (the filtering dropdown list is on the right side of your screen) on the website to find something that interests you.

Writing Assignment 1: Final draft due before class.
Submit both the final draft of your essay and the final version of your Project 1 PowerPoint slides to the online drop boxes by 11 a.m. on Monday. Make sure your essay meets all the requirements and guidelines.


Wednesday: Network Approach to Literature: Networks and Topic Modeling

  • Read:
    • Matthew L. Jockers, Macroanalysis: Digital Methods and Literary History, Ch.9 (“Influence”)

Study Guide:

  • What problems does Jockers have with traditional ways of literary analysis?
  • What question does Jockers ask? What are his findings does?
  • How does Jockers transform literary texts into network graphs? How would you interpret each network graph (the nodes, the edges, etc.)?


Friday: Network Visualization Project Presentations

Module Project 2 Presentation due today. Please submit both your datasheet and your presentation slides to the appropriate drop box by 11 a.m. on Friday.