Writing Assignment 2

Choose one of the following options and write a short essay.

If you created a network visualization project on a movie or literary text, choose one of the two options below:

Option 1:
Create one or more word clouds for the same movie script / literary text which you use for Module Project 2. Compare your word clouds and your network graphs of character interactions. Discuss how different ways of visualization lead to different interpretations of the same text.

Option 2:
Compare your network graphs of character interactions with network graphs created by another student/team in our class on a similar project. Discuss what similarities and/or differences between the two movies / literary texts these network graphs reveal.

If you created a network visualization project on a different topic:

Option 3:
Write a short essay to report your findings in your network visualization project. Your essay needs to base its argument on an interpretation of the network graphs you have created. When possible, you are encouraged to compare what you have learned from the network graphs with what you have learned from other approaches of analysis on the same topic (such as word clouds or other conventional methods of analysis employed in the respective discipline) and discuss how network visualization provides a different interpretation or enhances your understanding of the topic.

The essay is expected to be 3 pages in length, typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and proofread for errors of grammar and spelling. Submit your essay as a Microsoft Word document. Include citations in Chicago/Turabian format. In the opening paragraph of your essay, underline your thesis statement. In all the other paragraphs, except the last paragraph, underline your topic sentence. Essays which do not follow these instructions may be returned for revision.

Important Dates:

  • September 23: Visualization PowerPoint due before class. Prepare a PowerPoint for your presentation and submit it to the online drop box on Moodle by 11 a.m. Give a short presentation reporting your visualization and findings in class.
  • September 26: First draft due before class. Submit your draft to the online drop box on Moodle by 11 a.m.
  • October 14: Second draft due before class. Submit your draft self-assessment to the online drop box on Moodle by 11 a.m., and bring a copy of your second draft to class. (No need to submit your second draft to me.)
  • October 17: Final draft due. Submit the final draft of your essay and the final version of your visualization slides to the appropriate online drop boxes on Moodle by 11 a.m.